Saturday, August 2, 2014

Best way to make backlinks

***Best way to make backlinks***

1. Go to Google.

2. Type in Keyword related to your niche. e.g Blogging Tips

3. Copy their Website and then go to

4. Paste their website URL there and look for their email address. (If they have hidden whois data then go to their website/blog directly and find a contact page)

5. Collect emails and contact page of almost 20 to 30 websites/blogs.

6. Now next email them manually in a professional way to gain backlinks. (If your email looks spammy and don't have a professional look then its hard to get a link back from them.)

7. Send the email and wait for the other side to respond to your email.

Note: It does not matter that if you gain just one backlink from a list of 30 websites/blogs. But that one link is quality and quality is always better than quantity.


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